HotWater 2.0

Get Paid to Shower

Recycle waste heat when you use hot water.
Make money while you do it.

The smart hot water network

You’re paying to heat water.
Data processors are paying to get rid of heat.
We’re connecting the two.

Free installation, works with your existing hot water tank

Equivalent energy cost compared to an electric heating element

Digital waste heat is recycled into your hot water tank

We pay you to recycle waste heat - so you save and, you make money!

Use Hot Water - Recycle Waste Heat

Our Heat Recycling Unit, HRU-1, recycles heat from digital processing by transferring it into your hot water tank.

We sell the service and share the revenue with you. 

You’ll make better use of energy, reduce your environmental footprint… and get paid to do it.

Days in Operation
kWh Recycle
Paid Out
Cups of coffee

heating equivalent