The amount you earn depends on the market rate for digital processing and how much hot water you use. See our viability calculator (TBC) for an assessment.

You only pay for the energy you use to heat your water. Your electricity provider can give you the cost per kWh.

There is no change in energy usage. The HRU has an equivalent energy cost compared to an electric heating element. Moving from gas to electric will increase your electric bill and reduce your gas bill.

Until we launch, our beta testers get the full revenue paid in bitcoin.

We credit your account balance in your local currency. You can use the credit towards your electricity bill,  and other services we offer (TBC) or you can withdraw bitcoin, use it, or sell them at your convenience. (we support BTC, BCH, BSV)

The local currency amount is locked-in when it’s withdrawn. Your balance is backed by bitcoin; the price can be volatile.  

Our HRU is not for sale. We’ve committed to managing our product from cradle to grave. You get all the benefits plus more without having to own it. If you’re outside of our network zoning and want an HRU, let us know.

Technology scales to solve problems. We have cars, internet and cell phones, all complicated technologies built on complicated systems that simplify things we couldn’t do before. To make progress we need to optimize how we use energy. 

We’re in the business of matching users of heat with industries that waste it. It’s like we pay you to have show creative shower thoughts. One drawback is our hot water recovery time is not as fast as a conventional hot water tank.

The HRU-1 heats water to 60°C (140°F), the CSA recommended hot water temperature for domestic hot water tanks. A thermostat regulates the temperature between 50°C – 60°C.

It takes ~1 kWh to heat 20ℓ from 15°C to 60°C. The HRU uses between 0.9 – 1.4 kW per hour. So it depends. A family sized tank ~150ℓ can take between 6-12 hrs to reheat after 4 back-to-back showers and a couple of loads of laundry. See our viability calculator (TBC) for an assessment.

The short answer is math. The HRU contains a data server processing cluster that is part of  a distributed network. Our first deployment is securing the Bitcoin Blockchain. We can also process generative IA or data that require high-performance computing.

The proof of work done by our HRU-1 digital processing cluster needs to be submitted for validation over the internet. We use your internet connection to do this.

Not likely. The data requirements for the HRU is around 500MB a month; that’s about the equivalent of viewing 20 seconds of HD video a day.

Tankless systems are not compatible, but if you live in a building with centralised hot water heating we’d be happy to present a cost benefit analysis to the building owner or your Strata Council. We offer a finder’s commission (TBC) should it result in an installation.

Yes, our HRU is compatible with existing natural gas hot water tanks. (TBC) It operates in a hybrid mode; we’ll need to set the gas thermostat really low so the heating is done by our HRU.

Solar and geothermal hot water heating systems are already energy efficient. If more than 50% of your hot water comes from an environmentally sustainable source, it’s unlikely you’d use enough electricity to make the HRU viable. Have a look at our (TBC) calculator link.

Sure, but we’ll need your landlord’s permission and the permission of the person responsible for the energy utility bill associated with that address.

We intend to eventually offer a solution for people who would like to lease a hot water tank. At this time we don’t offer a heating solution for leased tanks. Please ask you lessor to contact us.

The HRU does not interface with the tank directly so it should not impact your warranty in any way. It’s designed to put less strain on the tank.

Some events are out of our control. We’re as dependent on available power as you. You’ll have the hot water in your tank, and when the electricity comes back on line, the HRU will get back to heating as much hot water as you need.

No, if your internet is down you still get hot water. If the HRU’s internet connection is not restored within an hour, you’ll get an SMS (TBC) and an email notification to contact support.

Our system has many diagnostics and checks for water flow. It has multiple safety features to ensure it never overheats or runs dry.

We don’t expect you’ll have a problem as we use top quality plumbing fittings and our units are thoroughly tested before installation. Our HRU complies with local regulations where service is offered. (TBC)

If you do have a leak, treat it just like any other leak: turn off the water inlet and call a plumber. For your peace of mind our plumbers (TBC) are available 24/7 and our emergency number is on the HRU.

If you stop using hot water, we stop using electricity to make more of it, we only pay you for the hot water you use. See our viability calculator (TBC) for an assessment.

Please let us know, so we can ensure the HRU is paying the account associated with the beneficiary. To make certain this is always the case a minimum of 50% of your earnings (TBC) needs to be credited towards a valid energy utility account.

Yes. It’s as simple as unplugging the HRU and closing a valve and disconnecting the unit from the plumbing. We’ll do it for you at no charge when you terminate service. 

To Be Confirmed. While we are in development the feature is possible but not yet enabled. i.e. in testing, in development, or awaiting on a confirmation.
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